Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Several people have asked that I keep blogging so here I am again.  I have so many thoughts that it seems as though my mind never shuts off.  I do not want to be redundant so if I am please forgive the foible.  Still learning the blessings that continue to come because of having this disease.  I have said many times that I didn't understand why the patient or family looked so relieved when someone from hospice showed up.  That we hospice workers always received more blessings from them than we could possibly give.  Well, lo and behold, yesterday I saw this from the side of the patient.  I woke up in severe pain.  And when I say severe, I mean severe!  I had an ER doctor tell me not too long ago that my pain tolerance was so high that I should be a navy seal!  Again, I digress. I took my pain med and it wasn't helping much.  I took the breakthrough med and still continued to have this awful pain.  It began to subside in two hours!   So much for fast acting, eh?  During this period my absolutely wonderful CNA, Melissa came. My relief was almost audible...I was so happy to see her.  Not that she could do anything more for me it was the joy of having her PRESENT!  And Melissa stayed with me until the pain subsided almost totally.  It never goes away completely but it does get to the point to where I am just a little uncomfortable.  So now I know why they (patients/families) love us so.  How's that commercial go...'oh what a relief it is'...  It is simply our presence.  We don't have to say or do anything...just be PRESENT.  How many times have we read this but never really felt it?  I got to do that.  Hooray for me!  Next time one of you are with a patient not having anything to really 'do' or say, take it from me, your just being there is so comforting.  Thumbs up to all hospice staff.  You are loved by one and all!

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