Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Next?


The answer to that question is; one never knows.  It only leads to more questions.  What I want to do now is to thank ALL of my friends, family, prayer warriors, those who know me, those who don't for all of the kindness, prayers, light, love that I have received.  You are such wonderful, caring persons.  I am over flowing with love for you.  To catch you up, I was moved from ICU last evening and back to the cancer center floor.  My O2 is backed down to 8L/min.  Meds are being cut back.  I have little pain which is easily gone with a little medication.  I am doing quite well according to me.  I should be going home on Thurs. or Friday.  That is the goal at any rate.  You know how I'm always talking about Universal Energy?  Well, here is more proof...when originally presented with having surgery and removing all of the cells that may be harboring in my abdomen, I thought sure, why not.  As I had more time to ponder this, I began to come up with the seriousness of doing this and what kind of a risk I am.  It may increase the quantity of my life but what about the quality?  On the one hand I have 3-6 mos (?) on the other I have maybe 12-14.  What makes the difference?  This is a question that I could not answer.  It put me in such a conundrum.  I found myself thinking about this more each day.  Then suddenly on last Weds. the Universe took that decision away from me.  I was knocked down with whatever it is I have/had.  Oh, what a relief it is as the commercial goes.  It is quite obvious that I am not strong enough to withstand any kind of surgery and that was one of the criteria to having it.  God works in mysterious ways doesn't he?  When I get home any and all of you can come visit me.  Please keep up the good thoughts, prayers, etc. for me.  I need them now as much as ever.  I will write again soon.  Sending love....Joanie 

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  1. Sending you love and hugs and hopefully I can get to see YOU soon.